Be an individual/institutional member of the International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors, and Reviewers, Inc. or renew your membership.

The benefits of being an individual member are:

  • Forge partnership and expand linkages with other international Publishers, Editors, and Peer Reviewers;
  • Qualify for accreditation of desired expertise;
  • Enhance your skills through joining training and coaching sessions;
  • Receive updates on training or coaching sessions; and
  • Testing of research articles for Technology-based Quality Assurance (TBQA).

The duties of being an individual member include:

  • Attend specialized trainings organized/sponsored by the organization;
  • Observe and implement the highest ethical standards in scientific writing;
  • Publish articles to scientific journals; and,
  • Adopt technologies in the detection of plagiarism and checking of grammar.

Download IASPER SEC Certification

To process your individual membership, please send the filled-out membership form together with a formal ID photo to [email protected] or [email protected].

Certificate of Membership

Identification Card


To process your institutional membership, please send the filled-out membership form to [email protected] or [email protected].